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The year is 2077. Jeff Bozo just made history by becoming the first trillionaire ever to reach the presidency. With Bozo leading the world government, he has taken swift action to ban actions that may cause a danger to society: jumping, moving left, or otherwise.

Society was running relatively smoothly until a young woman found an ancient journal with the keys to unlock the dangerous abilities of the past. She's on a mission to undermine the world government and must be stopped by any means necessary.

How to play

The controls are as follows :

  • D - Move right
  • A - Move left (requires cheat)
  • E - Interact with terminal
  • Space (tap, don't hold) - Jump or double jump (requires cheat)
  • D (double-tap) - Dash attack (requires cheat)
  • TAB - View journal, press tab with journal open to view the second page
  • ESC - Pause, exit terminal, exit journal

Your objective is to move as far to the right as possible. You will receive a score based on your progress. Collect keycaps and spend them on cheat codes in the terminal to gain abilities.

Known issues

  • Occasionally player gets stuck on platform, jump to continue, or else restart game
  • Can't restart game from menus, to try another run, close and reopen game
  • Sound is too loud. Sorry :( you may have to turn down your volume
  • Crouch is listed as an available cheat code, it is unimplemented so don't bother activating it






Cheaters Never Win.tar.gz 13 MB
Download 10 MB
Download 15 MB


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It's very cool. I love this game . I remember my old first game . Too fun to play with this game ♥


Really digging the idea and the theme. Just a little frustrated by the bugs :)

I talked to the rest of the team and we are all interested in continuing development, so we may have something more polished to play in the near future.


For anyone having trouble with audio or crashing in chrome, try spam-clicking the game canvas as the game loads.

I think the issue is this:

And if the audio context is not working, the game is currently crashing.

Thanks for this! I think we all are running it in Firefox, so we didn't experience this issue.